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Vans in China Blog Updates

11.15.2011 //

Chima, AVE, Pfanner, Allen and Gilbert are over in China and Vans is keeping you up to date with what’s going down with the boys. Check their blog to see all the behind the scenes shots of them filming for the new Vans video.

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Skateboarder Magazine’s Warm Up With Stevie Perez

11.14.2011 //

Skateboarder Magazine’s warm up with Chocolate’s Stevie Perez.


December/January 2012 Issue

11.13.2011 //

Silas Baxter-Neal graces the cover of our Dec/Jan 2012 issue with a down right dirty and raw frontside kickflip over the wall at an old sewage plant. Go grab your copy now for your local newsstand.

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Omar Salazar’s Nike Commerical

11.10.2011 //

If you didn’t know Omar was such a character, you will now with this new NikeSB commercial that has Omar doing a bit of dramatic acting but don’t worry it’s got a bunch of bangin clips of Omar shredding. There’s even footage from the Turkey article we did a few issues back and some other tricks that Omar pulled at the cover spot.


Lost & Found: Sal Barbier Full Interview

11.09.2011 //

Sal Barbier has a Lost & Found interview in the new Dec/Jan issue of Skateboarder but we couldn’t fit the whole thing on one page so we present the entire interview for you here.


A.Skate Needs Volunteers For Nov 13 Clinic

11.07.2011 //

The A.Skate Foundation is holding a clinic in Mira Loma, CA on November 13th and needs volunteers. Read the flyer and email them if you want to help out.



11.07.2011 //

It was a year ago right now that we were frantically trying to save a homie trip to Australia that had all but fallen apart. Slash was one of the ones to save the day, and came along for one of the funnest trips we all had ever been on. Here’s to the good times Slash!


Leo Romero on Pig Wheels

11.04.2011 //

One of the baddest motherfuckers on wheels, Leo Romero, joins the Pig Wheels team.


Straight To The Internet WIth Sean Malto and Friends

11.04.2011 //

While out in Kansas City working on his Skateboarder interview, Sean Malto and his friends filmed a Straight to the Internet when they had some down time from handling business in the streets.


Blueprint’s Journey To The Center Of The Earth Exclusive Video

11.02.2011 //

Blueprint’s Journey To The Center Of The Earth is an exclusive video that our friend Dan Magee put together to compliment our article of the same name in the new Dec/Jan issue featuring Paul Shier, Marty Murawski, Colin Kennedy, Sylvain Tognelli, Kevin Coakley and Jerome Campbell.


Sean Malto In Kansas City Part 2

11.01.2011 //

Our contributing photographer, Aaron Smith, went out to Kansas City to start working on a full interview with Sean Malto. So he hopped in the van with Ty Evans and drove out a few weeks back. Here’s a sneak peak at what went down. And check back this Friday for our exclusive “Straight to the Internet” video with Malto & friends.


The Tuesday 25 With Matt Bennett

11.01.2011 //

This week’s Tuesday 25 is one of Toy Machine’s loyal pro pawns, Mr. Matt Bennett.

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