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Dolan Stearns for Lurkville Skateboards

05.30.2012 //

Start your morning off right with some great skating from Dolan Stearns for Lurkville Skateboards.

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Scumco & Sons Video

05.29.2012 //

Hope you all had a good Memorial day weekend and got some skating in. Here’s a good way to start you’re week.

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S-One Damage Control Wrist Guard Video

05.25.2012 //

Goes to show with a bum wrist you can still rip.

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Nike In Taiwan Video

05.25.2012 //

Wow this is a good one! Justin Brock, Youness Amrani and Wieger Van Wageningen traveled to Taiwan with Nike Skateboarding European destroyers Marek Zaprazny and Daniel Lebron. Check this one out!

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Dekline Demo In Mexicali

05.25.2012 //

The Dekline team did a demo in Mexicali, CA. Check out some good skating from Chad Tim Tim, Matt Bennett, Nick Merlino, Ryan Spencer, Dakota Servold, Jordan Taylor, and Pat Burke.


Raiders of the Archives: Jeff Tremaine Part 1 of 3

05.25.2012 //

Watch our Raiders of the Archives Part 1 of 3 with Jeff Tremaine, former editor of Big Brother magazine and director of all things Jackass. Find out about the early days of Big Brother magazine, World Industries and the infamous Steve Rocco. And check back next Friday for part 2.

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05.23.2012 //

Wow this is some good skating! Check out this new Quiksilver video featuring Reese Forbes, Justin Brock, Danny Garcia, Austyn Gillette, Jake Donnelly, Riley Hawk and David Clark. Good stuff!

Screen shot 2012-05-22 at 9.23.52 AM


05.22.2012 //

Axion Footwear just went on a tour around America. Check out some of their street footage they got on the trip featuring Manny Santiago,Mike Maldonado,Vitor Borger,Kyle Nicholson and Kevin Taylor.


The Tuesday 25 With Devin Appelo

05.21.2012 //

The Northwest bomber, Devin Appelo takes care of this week’s Tuesday 25 for

Screen shot 2012-05-21 at 4.45.06 PM

Ben Hatchell and Lizzy Armanto Join “Step Up”

05.21.2012 //

Ben Hatchell and Lizzy Armanto join a new organization called Step Up which helps bring skateboarding to parts of the world with limited access through distribution, facilities, clinics, and instruction. Check out their Facebook page and follow along on their journey.

Screen shot 2012-05-21 at 8.44.17 AM

Billy Marks LRG Commercial

05.21.2012 //

Check out the always dashing and handsome Billy Mark’s LRG commercial.

askate flyer revised


05.18.2012 //

Tomorrow Vans is teaming up with the good people over at ASkate and hosting a clinic at the House of Vans. Check out the flyer for more information and show up and help out! They do amazing things!

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