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Arto Saari Epicly Later’d Part 1

05.10.2012 //

Sit back and enjoy the first part to Arto Saari’s Epicly Later’d part 1.

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A History of Penny Skateboards

05.08.2012 //

The Australian company Penny Skateboards just put out an amazing little video about their history. It brings back the feeling of why all of us started skating and why we’re still doing it. Watch, learn and go skate!

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Snap Shot with Tommy Fynn

05.08.2012 //

Havoc TV released a Snap Shot with Stereo AM Tommy Fynn. He talks about moving from South Africa and getting hooked up in New Zealand. Also he’s got some gnarly skating in there too. Check it out.

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05.08.2012 //

Leo Romero. Independent Trucks. Commercial. Need I say more? There’s only one downside, it’s short.

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Etnies Presents: Ryan Sheckler’s Skate For A Cause 2012

05.08.2012 //

Etnies just put up a video and some photos from this past weekend’s Skate For A Cause. Check it out.

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All I Need Anthony Shetler Video

05.07.2012 //

All I Need has been putting out little single trick videos of Anthony Shetler for a little while. Now they have all the tricks together in one video. No fancy editing or music. Just raw skating. Good stuff.


Sheckler Foundation’s Skate For A Cause Photo Recap

05.07.2012 //

Check out our photo recap from this past weekend’s Sheckler Foundation’s Skate For A Cause which was benefitting the A.Skate Foundation which helps children with autism through skateboarding. It was a great day of skating, festivities and all for a great cause.

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Geoff Rowley Volcom Brand Jeans Videos

05.04.2012 //

Rowley explains all the features on his new jeans. He’s worn a pair of Volcom pants for over 10 years. That means they are good. Check it out.

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05.04.2012 //

This week’s “Hand in Hand” features legendary skateboarder and Flogging Molly band member, Matt Hensley. Learn about his early years in skateboarding, turning pro, and why he walked away from it all.

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05.04.2012 //

Want to know what a day would be like if Jerry Hsu was your landlord? You would probably have to go out in LA and shred to be able to pay your rent. That’s what Ben Raemers does. Check it out.

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Gold Goons LENNY RIVAS Video

05.04.2012 //

Gold Wheels has another “Goons” video. Check out Lenny Rivas doing a line out in Spain.


Ryan Sheckler’s Skate For A Cause Teaser

05.03.2012 //

We’re partnering up with the Sheckler Foundation this year to cover their Skate For A Cause event which is solely benefitting the A.Skate Foundation which helps children with autism through skateboard. It’s this saturday May 5th at the Etnies skatepark in Lake Forest, CA from 10am to 5pm so we hope to see you out there if you can make it.

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