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Jon Nguyen Welcomed to Imperial Motion

12.05.2012 //

Imperial Motion released this welcome video which amounts to about a full part of footage from Jon Nguyen who tears Nor Cal up with speed and style. Watch the video here.

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Alex Schmidt Welcomed to Insight

11.30.2012 //

Watch Insight’s new video welcoming Stereo Sound Agent Alex Schmidt to the team.

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Comune Welcomes Sean Frederickson

11.22.2012 //

Comune has a rad welcome video for their newest rider, Sean Frederickson. Check it out.


Tony Hawk On Bones Wheels

11.12.2012 //

Bones Wheels adds legend Tony Hawk to their team. Power moves!

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Orion Welcomes Pascal Rief to the Team

11.06.2012 //

You ever seen anyone lipslide the net of a ping pong table? Well check this video of Orion Trucks welcoming Pascal Rief to the team and you can check that shit off your list right now!

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RVCA Dino Brandao Welcome Clip

11.06.2012 //

RVCA Switzerland is happy to welcome Dino Brandao to the team

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Birdhouse Welcomes Ben Raybourn

10.23.2012 //

Birdhouse welcomes Ben Raybourn with a fucking sick 3 minute video. Click through if you want to get hyped.

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DVS Welcomes Zack Wallin

10.23.2012 //

DVS welcomes ripper Zack Wallin. Check out his intro video all filmed at a rad DIY spot. Good stuff.

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Remind Insoles Welcomes Shuriken Shannon

10.16.2012 //

Remind Insoles has a cool welcome video for Shuriken Shannon. Check it out.


Ashbury Welcomes Josh Murphy

10.03.2012 //

Ashbury continues bolstering their team with raw talented sons o guns with the addition of Colorado’s Josh Murphy. Watch his bitchin’ welcome video right here right now.

Screen shot 2012-09-28 at 9.31.11 AM

Ashbury Welcomes Robbie Russo

09.28.2012 //

Ashbury welcomes Robbie Russo to the team with a sick video of him casually crushing Channel Street. The kid’s good!

Screen shot 2012-09-28 at 9.25.48 AM

Cameo Wilson Darkstar Welcome Video

09.28.2012 //

Cameo Wilson is the newest addition to Darkstar and his welcome video is NUTS. This dude is gnarly!

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