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Heel Bruise Introduces Ben Fisher

09.27.2012 //

Ben Fisher is the newest addition to the Heel Bruise squad. Click through to check out his video as well as their Fall 2012 video look book.

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Ashbury Welcomes Dolan Stearns

09.18.2012 //

Prepare your eye holes for a little introductory video of Dolan Stearns to the Ashbury Eyewear team.

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Paul Rodriguez welcomes Luan Oliveira to Nike Skateboarding

09.13.2012 //

Paul Rodriguez makes the call and welcomes Luan Oliveira to the Nike team. Check out some sick footage of Luan from Brazil.

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RVCA welcomes Ilja Judizki

08.29.2012 //

RVCA Germany is happy to welcome Ilja Judizki to the team with this video.

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Maru on Lucky Bearings

08.15.2012 //

Maru joined up with Lucky Bearings and has a sick little welcome video.

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Collin Gile for Liberty Boardshop

08.15.2012 //

Collin Gile put together a banger of a video for his introduction to the Liberty Boardshop team. Watch it here and be on the look out for more from him in the future.

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Jordan Maxham Welcome to Warco Video

08.02.2012 //

Warco just dropped a proper welcome video with a whole part from their latest heavy hitter, Jordan Maxham, who goes great humongous on just about everything.

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Stacks Welcomes Brian Lotti

08.01.2012 //

Stacks Skateboards is proud to announce the addition of Brian Lotti to its proteam.

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Guru Khalsa on Imperial Motion

06.05.2012 //

After going without a clothing sponsor for a minute after Elwood went under, Guru has landed firmly alongside Raymond Molinar and Joey Pepper at Imperial Motion. Check out the press release and a video of Guru in this post.

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Willis Kimbel Welcome to Creature Video

05.29.2012 //

Strangenotes posted a video welcoming their newest Fiend, Willis Kimbel, to the team.

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Ryan Townley Welcomed to Liberty Boardshop

04.25.2012 //

Liberty Boardshop’s got quite the team, so you know when they add someone knew, that person is up to snuff. Take a peak at the latest addition to the team in this welcome video for Ryan Townley.

Screen shot 2012-04-23 at 3.59.56 PM

Justin Schulte Welcome to MTN DEW Video

04.23.2012 //

Joining Boo Johnson on the Mountain Dew Skateboarding team is Justin Schulte. See what makes Justin such a beast and watch as Paul Rodriguez personally welcomes him to the team.

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