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Alex Olson on Nike SB

03.27.2012 //

After leaving Vans at the end of last year, Alex Olson has been officially added to the Nike SB team. Check his ad and their press release here.

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Dickies Adds Jim Greco to Team

03.19.2012 //

Dickies has a new video with their team consisting of Tom Remillard, Kevin Terpening, Vincent Alvarez and new addition Jim Greco talking about why Dickies and skateboarding work so well together.

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Benny Fairfax on Theeve Trucks

03.16.2012 //

Theeve Trucks welcomes Benny Fairfax to the team with this banger of a video.

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Santa Cruz Welcomes Shuriken Shannon

03.12.2012 //

The man who put the black in Black Label, is now on Santa Cruz skateboards, a fact that is being celebrated on Strange Notes all week long.

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Positiv Skateboards Welcomes Fabrizio Santos

03.09.2012 //

Check the welcome video from Positiv Skateboards with the Breeze

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Jeff Lenoce on Axion

02.25.2012 //

After a minute of being off Lakai, Jeff Lenoce has found a home with the homies at Axion Footwear!

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Mango Joins Welcome Skateboards

02.21.2012 //

Chris “Mango” Milic has a new welcome video for his addition to Welcome Skateboards.

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Bjorn Johnston Welcomed to Element Australia Pro Team

02.15.2012 //

Element Australia welcomes Bjorn Johnston to the Australia pro team with a full-length video part. Bjorn was recently added to Krew and Supra as well.

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Bjorn Johnston on KR3W and Supra

02.01.2012 //

ONE Distribution is pleased to announce that Bjorn Johnston is the newest member of the KR3W and SUPRA Australian teams.

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Lucky Bearings Introduces Josh Matthews

01.23.2012 //

Check out the newest video for Lucky Bearings team rider Josh Matthews. He’ll have a FULL PART in the upcoming full length THINK SKATEBOARDS video, which is slated to premier in April.

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Dogtown Welcomes Andrew Pott

01.20.2012 //

Dogtown Skateboards welcomes Andrew Pott to the squad with this introductory video of Andrew hitting the HQ for a box, setting up a board, then taking it to the street.

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Orion Welcomes Marcus Carr

01.18.2012 //

Orion Trucks added Marcus Carr to the team and have a video to showcase the new rider’s talents which you can view here.

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