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Spitfire Welcomes Andrew Reynolds

01.13.2012 //

Spitfire welcomes the Bose man to their wheel team with this release, new video, and new Andrew Reynolds product.

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Jimmy Arrighi Announces Eswic Clothing and Debuts Team

01.02.2012 //

After leaving his team manager post at RVCA a while back, Jimmy Arrighi announced that he had something in the works. Turns out it was Eswic Clothing, his new brand with team riders Leo Romero, James Hardy, Cairo Foster, Donovan Piscopo, Stevie Perez and Dakota Servold. Check out the introductory video and more here.


Nyjah Huston and Mike Mo Capaldi on DC

01.02.2012 //

DC continues to add heavy hitters to their team, today announcing that Mike Mo and Nyjah are the latest additions. Check the press release and see what the team’s looking like these days.

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Sean Malto on Nike SB

01.01.2012 //

That’s right, Sean Malto has been swooshed and is Nike Skateboarding’s newest professional addition. Check the press release and a little bit more here.

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Santa Cruz Welcomes Josh Borden to the Team

12.23.2011 //

Santa Cruz welcomes pool shralper Josh Borden to the team with this new introductory clip from Strange Notes.

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DVS UK Welcomes Ash Hall

12.16.2011 //

DVS UK is please to introduce Ash Hall, as their latest addition to the team with this four minute video.

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Rediscover DC

12.15.2011 //

DC has big news coming up for the New Year. Check this teaser to see what that big news might be.

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Taylor McClung Welcome to Expedition Video

12.12.2011 //

Expedition One welcomes Taylor McClung to the team with this introductory video.

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Omit Apparel Welcomes to Trevor Colden

12.06.2011 //

Omit Apparel welcomes Trevor Colden to the tream with this Bowsy video.

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Thunder Welcomes Chris and Zach Miller

11.30.2011 //

Thunder Trucks welcomes a legacy of steez with Chris Miller and his son Zach.


World’s Derek Fukuhara Welcome Video

11.29.2011 //

To welcome the likes of Derek Fukuhara to their lineup, World Industries presents Derek’s welcome vid. Enjoy.

Screen shot 2011-11-29 at 10.05.29 AM

Flip Welcomes Alec Majerus

11.29.2011 //

Flip Skateboards welcomes its newest am Alec Majerus with this introductory video.

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