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Dan Drehobl On Ergophobia

10.17.2011 //

ERGO is pleased to welcome a man of wealth and taste. A man whose likeness graced the covers of three out of four skate mags in one month. A man who can cook one hell of a sausage and sees absolutely no shame in treating himself to a pickle.

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Omit Apparel Introduces Kyle Frederick

10.17.2011 //

Omit has a welcome video up for their new rider, Kyle Frederick.

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Quiksilver Canada Xander Mitchell

10.13.2011 //

Quiksilver’s Canadian Alexander Mitchell has a new part online. You should watch it.

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Birdhouse Welcomes Clive Dixon

10.13.2011 //

Birdhouse has a welcome video for their newest rider, Clive Dixon

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Emerica Europe Introduces Tom Knox

10.10.2011 //

In conjunction with Blueprint Skateboards, Emerica Europe adds Tom Knox to the team. Video and interview here.

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Matt Bennett Welcome to Ambig

10.03.2011 //

Ambig has a welcome video for Matt Bennett

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Santa Cruz Welcomes Travis Erickson

09.26.2011 //

Travis is from Wisconsin, but has been ripping SF up for a spec. He’s fucking sick. Check out his welcome video and a little extra right here.

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RVCA Europe Presents Barney Page and Visits Berlin

09.16.2011 //

Two new RVCA videos for you. In the first, they introduce Buddy Page. In the second, the Euro team hits Berlin.

Screen shot 2011-09-06 at 11.27.50 AM

WESC Welcomes Eli Reed

09.06.2011 //

WESC has a welcome video for their newest addition to the skate program, Eli Reed.

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Omit Welcomes Jimmy Carlin

09.02.2011 //

Omit Apparel welcomes Jimmy Carlin to the team in this new video.

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Supra Footwear Presents Neen Williams

08.24.2011 //

Neen’s the newest am on the Supra squad. Enjoy the welcome video and a press release esque quote from one of Deathwish’s finest and be sure to check out Neen’s interview in our Interview Issue on newsstands now.

Screen shot 2011-07-11 at 3.15.59 PM

Bobier On Theeve

07.11.2011 //

Ryan Bobier is the latest addition to the Theeve Trucks team.

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