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Vans: Adventures WIth Chris

07.13.2011 //

Featuring the new Antihero pro, Chris PFanner

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Chris Pfanner Now Has A Pro Fro

07.11.2011 //

Watch this video, check out his new board, embrace the onslaught of “Pf” jokes that will soon pfollow in the wake of this man pfinally being announced pro.

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Geoff Rowley CCS Interview

07.11.2011 //

CCS just posted a new interview with Flip’s Geoff Rowley. In the exclusive interview he talks the history of Flip, his ownership of the company, Motorhead’s Lemmy, his new Vans shoe & plenty more!

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Toy Machine PNW Video Drone

07.11.2011 //

The frayed ends of the sessions from the Machine’s latest Pacific Northwest adventure with Dan Lu, Collin, Matt B and JLay.

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Vans Presents Shred Kennedy Weekly Skate Nights in Providence

07.07.2011 //

A weekly skate night at Kennedy Plaza in downtown Providence, RI in conjunction with the Fountain of Youth and 8 other core shops from the region. There will be weekly jams July through September and the first event kicks off tonight!

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Adventures with Chris: Johnny Layton Episode 2

07.06.2011 //

An all new episode of Adventures with Chris is now up on, this time featuring Johnny Layton!

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Shorebreak Baby – Larryland Episode 1

07.06.2011 //

mysterious new series on called Shore Break Baby. In this first episode, a crew of anonymous concretins lay out the blueprint for creating vigilante tranny. Additionally, new information just leaked from the Shore Break Baby HQ in San Francisco. The news eludes to the possibility of skateworld takeover via babies washing ashore, swollen with radioactive material. These mutant Anti Heroins are dangerous and on a mission to either save or destroy everything. They’re not sure which yet.


Daniel Lutheran Tuesday 25

07.05.2011 //

It’s Luesday, so it’s time for a Daniel Lutheran Luesday 25

Screen shot 2011-07-05 at 11.48.22 AM

A.skate Foundation Clinic at House of Vans 7/10

07.05.2011 //

This Sunday at the House of Vans in Brooklyn

Screen shot 2011-07-01 at 1.03.11 PM

Johnny Layton Talks Theeve Trucks

07.01.2011 //

And skates Cherry Park in this video

Screen shot 2011-06-21 at 12.10.58 AM

Adventures with Chris: Geoff Rowley Episode 1

06.20.2011 //

Just days after the birth of Rowley’s son, Rex West Rowley, he made some time to blow off some steam and part of my face in an attempt to teach me about his new shoe, The Rowley SPV (in stores now), and his idea of fun with mountain lions. Rowley is and always will be one of the sickest skaters ever and one of my favorites. And as you see here, he’s also a serious bad ass – Chris Nieratko

Screen shot 2011-06-16 at 3.47.05 PM

Vans Rodney Smith Collaboratory Video

06.16.2011 //

In Part 1 of The Collaboratory, Vans Syndicate teams up with east coast skateboard pioneer, Rodney Smith, best known for starting up Shut Skateboards with Bruno Musso back in the 80′s and more recently, Zoo York. Some of the original Shut crew describes Rodney and what he meant to many people during the rise of east coast skateboarding. Also, get a lesson in “Rodney speak!”

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