The Quest for the Cover

Words & Photos: John Bradford

Danlu is a star, a big bright shining star. He graces the pages of our new issue (available in skateshops, on magazine stands and online now), and as you have expected, he went all out and brought the gnar to every page for his feature. We completed most of the shredding and photographing in and around Los Angeles, but as the deadline drew near Dan called me up and said he really wanted to make a trek home to Albuquerque, New Mexico to get his final tricks for his interview. Needless to say I was down, and so were a handful of bros who were more than happy to jump on the mission. We had Leo Romero, Johnny Layton, Chima Ferguson, Andrew Lutheran, Taylor Smith, video dudes, Cody Green and Don Luong, as well as assistant (to the) Vans TM Griffin Collins. We all knew that a trip to ABQ with Danlu meant staying at the Lutheran compound, aka his parents’ house, which may sound like a drag to the unknowing, but if you’ve ever met Danlu or any of his family you’d fight to jump on the mission as well. From the fire pit and music studio in the yard, to the Oscar party and countless BBQs his parents had for us, it’s safe to say that they far surpassed any normal standard level of hospitality and, dare I say, we all were welcomed into the Lutheran family and felt right at home in the wonderland that presented itself to us at their doorstep. We shredded the days away, partied the nights into oblivion, and came home with a ton of photos and footage, and, perhaps the icing on the cake, Dan nailed his first cover with a monster 50-50 which graces our new front page. Here in this special online feature we give you a bunch of photos from the trip, and a Vans collaboration video that Cody Green put together. Consider it the first Brostyle trip, as the griptape and accessories company Brostyle was born around the campfire on the first night. So enjoy #Danlutrip and pick up the new issue of Skateboarder today!

June 2012 Issue

The fruit of our labor, Danlu’s first cover. 50-50 flat down flat down.

Check out the full interview from the latest issue of Skateboarder Magazine.