J. Cassanova is Back

By: | Tuesday, December 28, 2010 //

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  • Riot

    you can’t dislike or comment on his videos. he couldn’t fathom the truth that is him sucking. no, it’s got to be hater’s.

  • zach

    so JROG sucks large **** cock… what’s new. How is money being spent on this shit?

  • kwkmutha

    i really want to see someone battle this retard. they will put him to shame and he will have to retire shortly after.

  • pugmaster

    even corky from life goes on could win in a freestyle battle with this cat

  • cheese




  • that one guy

    Yeah… Rodgers should have stuck with skating, he was really good at it. This hip hop thing isn’t looking too good for him, or those face tattoos. Drop the rhymes and get back on the board!

  • Alic

    I don’t know the success thing could be true, based on the fact that about 3 people outside of skate culture know who J. CASSANOVA is, and everyone in skate culture hates him. He’s also worse than lil wayne, how that was accomplished, I don’t know. At least he’s got high budget videos, you know filmed in his friends basement, with a gl2. Really? I used to like Rogers, when he was that spazzy little fuck in the Skate More ad.


    Isn’t it funny that when he said “With all due respect, I continue toward success.” he pointed behind him.

  • zick

    This song made me wanna go to sleep

  • Pandy

    why does he not realize this is terrible!!!!!! it is so fucking bad…holy shit

  • rags

    What a joke. I guess he realized he wasn’t the best in skateboarding as he said in his farewell address. Can’t believe he started a board company!! Who does he expect to buy a “Selfish” skateboard?

  • gray

    who the fuck stands behind this douche. honestly. Is there anyone on the planet supporting him? even the cameraman needs to get aids and die

  • kAReE

    DAM he was rght yu’ll rlly dnt hav shyt else to do bt hate on him. smh……….. silly fOOls…….

  • FallenSk8er

    Hey… “J. CASSANOVA” which isn’t your real name.. if he sucks, then why the h**l is that your profile name?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • Cracka

    kAReE’s right, lets move on to the next freak show…


    Wow he is still wack, does smokin’ a blunt give him more street cred?

  • ………………………………..

    The rise and demise of J,rogers,

    Stop smoking the herb man,

  • gray

    this dude is a fuckin queer to the fullest? his mouth is filled with nut and he needs to die in a dark hole!!! he should have stuck with skating. but now he will forever be known as a cocksucking piece of shit fuckface!!!

  • Paul Dominguez

    This fool can’t spit out a proper rap even for his life.