Adidas Diagonol Promo Video

By: | Saturday, March 5, 2011 //

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  • richie

    old as hell

  • Veronica

    I found the most useful part of the acrtile to be the following: the dominant culture of teaching and coaching in our culture is too directive. It often breeds dependency. We over-direct and over-teach. There’s too much telling and advocacy, and not enough questioning and aided discovery. It’s often the coach or teacher that’s the limiting factor. Result: We don’t learn how to learn. We look to the teacher, coach, boss or parent as the repository of answers, when instead we need to develop the ability to self-regulate and self-adjust and to become relentless problem-solvers. With feedback and reps (appropriate regulatory stimulus) being key in skill development, then I as a coach should be cognitive of the nature and content of my feedback. Poor feedback is worse than no feedback. Less (direct and efficient) feedback better than more (ambiguous and lengthy) and rather than be a repository of answers to challenge and allow them the beaut of letting the game teach the game.