Arto Saari CPH Pro Trailer

By: | Wednesday, April 27, 2011 //

Arto Saari CPH PRO trailer # 5 from simon weyhe on Vimeo.

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  • Yoonkee Kim

    Another great idea to make the bad into the good is making the doctor skate wax.
    Then the bad can be useful or useless as usual.
    If the will to skate is like being natural, calling the police is like against the nature which is like trying to kill us all. So the existence of police is like will of some human beings to kill ourselves that can be easily prohibited.
    So the police will be actually banned.

    My sister’s dog has will to pee on the ground but things happen to prohibit it which is like “DON’T BE NATURAL.”. If you don’t be natural, you are the dead.

    Do your best to be natural while being modern really.

    We cook but the signs and people who are like machines just produced the signs saying “Do not smoke.” basically.

    Smoking is like breathing.

    Nobody can prohibit us to breathe.

    So the sings like ‘Do not smoke.’ just need to be ignored or buried.
    Do not make sign, you know.

    Human beings are fine living.

  • Yoonkee Kim

    We will watch the Korean police who turned to hackers being arrested.

    I was arrested once for no reason.
    They didn’t hear me insisting.
    They were like out of order.
    They still are surely.

    They handcuffed me and begged me to understand them as a human being.
    Police and criminals are the same these days.
    That’s like how the O and X together can be the worst.

    I was jailed once by my parent who beat me several times.
    They blew me many times and I kicked them once and they called some armed people basically.

    What I could calculate was that I shouldn’t harm them basically.

    They already invaded into my private place without my permission and they tried to catch me to the hospital for money.

    I was prisoned in the hospital for 2 months.

    I had to do my best to get out of it and what I who were educated so well and who is just really a regular person in the world found were that hospitals are nothing but the thing that makes virus, disease and which is just with the doctors who tested with the dead people immorally.
    Doctors basically turned to doctors by their nothingness and their ignorance toward the advices people gave them.
    This can look like the prejudice but this will be found as the truth soon.

    Skateboarders face these sort of people pretty often.
    As far as I concern, skateboarders are the fixers.
    Skateboarders fix the world.
    Sometimes our so called great systems are wrong obviously.

    There are so many people and things waiting for us to be fixed, skateboarders.
    We shall be fixing the world up.

  • Andralyn

    Articles like this are an example of quick, heplufl answers.

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