Brandon Westgate Interviewed by Venture Riders

By: | Tuesday, October 4, 2011 //

Brandon Westgate interviewed by Venture Teammates Adelmo Jr., Jack Curtin, PJ Ladd, Kelly Hart, Corey Duffel, Stefan Janoski, Tim O’Connor, & Eli Reed.

He’s also got this massive lipslide that’ll probably make your dingle tingle.

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    This makes me certain that wtahever next project Ossian Studios is working on is going to be more shades of grey.What I’d really like to see in RPGs is some attempt to internalise the heroes alignment based on his reasons for choosing wtahever action he did. Did you help the peasant because a) you felt sorry for her b) you wanted a reward c) you wanted to gain influence with a companion?Then your thought process in combination with actions could alter your alignment. I think you’d get a lot more interesting roleplay that way. Imagine having a single mind reader or someone good at reading body language in the party could introduce all sorts of interesting interactions. This begs the question of whether its what we think or our actions which define our morality. Is butchering a town for sociopathic reasons I want to see suffering! any better than for the greater good or for logical reasons.