Classic Clips with Ryan Sheckler

By: | Thursday, October 6, 2011 //

Long before he was the hit star on MTV’s Life of Ryan, Ryan Sheckler was just another bowl cut, helmet wearing, benihana throwing kid on World Industries. In this installment of Joe Krolick’s classic clips Ryan hits up Philadelphia and Canada for some touring and mini man shredding.

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  • Big Rigg

    What a little ass G! He won Slam City Jam at 14. Bowse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Fredicson

    Mary / Was just watching a few of Jim Rohn’s vdioes-thanks for posting Jason. Goals are like a magnet . They will pull you through the dark times . I could watch this guy all day. PS Sad Note: While our Public Library apparently has some of Dale Carnegie’s material, they don’t have the two books you mentioned: Two of the most important and most popular. Going to down there later in the week and talk to someone. I think both books are important reading material and libraries should have them. Thanks J!