Dan Drehobl On Ergophobia

By: | Monday, October 17, 2011 //

ERGO is pleased to welcome a man of wealth and taste. A man whose likeness graced the covers of three out of four skate mags in one month. A man who can cook one hell of a sausage and sees absolutely no shame in treating himself to a pickle. A man amongst the select few skaters to ever execute a “Fall Guy”, and whose “Spiderman” nickname leaves comic book enthusiasts wondering why they are too fat to land a kickflip. A man known to spend entire nights in the smoking room at the Hemlock alone. And quite possibly the only skater to ever pull of a Neil Diamond song, matching the soft riffs of guitar and sweet hum of Neil’s voice with some damn fine skating.

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  • Mufira

    elephant in the room: privileged white kids cmanloinipg about police brutality cuz a cop threatened’ to break a trouble maker’s arm. um right.holla back when you are pulled over for no other reason than being black & fitting the profile’; are pulled out of your car by force, thrown to the ground, had a knee drilled to ur back while your car is illegally searched.or when you are pulled out of bart and shot in the back.please, this idiot kid needed to be threatened’.