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  • Karthik

    FROM YOUR COMMENTS NOW I UNDERSTAND YOU MORE YOU ARE NOT WRITING THE BOOK FOR HISTORY,BUT TO ADVOCATE A COVER UP UP WHAT IS GOING ON IN THE WORLD FROM YOU HANDLERS BUY advocating half-truth! in order to avncdae the policies of your handlers and financiers, just like your buddyChallabi, in Iraq!! TREACHEROUS ALLIANCE: The Unholy Alliance between Israel, Mullahs and Religious RightFarhat Quaem MaquamiPersians and Jews have been friends, neighbours, rescuers the rescued for centuries. Their historical ideological alliance for survival surpasses Islam and Judaism. Therefore, it is not surprising that Mullahs of Iran and Israeli Government have been playing games to beat their Arab adversaries and use the United States for their strategic advantage.Look at Jews and Iranians they are virtually indistinguishable in looks, tastes, politics, business practices, upbringing, family behaviours, and ideology. Mullahs of Iran preached in the same Bazaar and rely on the unfettered support of Jewish Merchants in Tehran, both before and after seizing power in Iran.Look at the War in Iraq! The big losers were Saddam nationalism, Iraqi sovereignty Arabs pride and unity. Obviously, the United States which has lost its reputation, wasted billions of dollars resources, more than three thousands death, 20 thousands seriously wounded and at least 50000 with permanent psychological problems, is the Fall guy!Yet, who are the undisputed winners of the Iraq War? Iran and Israel. They want this war to continue! It is high time that Americans stop this war only because they SEEM TO BE DOING THE DIRTY JOB FOR OTHERS. Iranian Revolutionary Guards subsidiary, SIRI Terrorists, are in control of the oil rich Basra and Israelis are more than happy to see that finally the Biblical Land of Israel from Euphrates to Nile is dependant on their generosity. As for The Arabs, Islam and Iraqis, they do not count because Business is booming for Iran and Israel despite the War!Exposing the TREACHEROUS ALLIANCE between the Mullahs, Israel and the Christian Zionists should not be an attempt to rewrite history and mislead the public about the hidden agenda and Israeli-American involvement in Iran. It conveniently neglects the historical fact that Iranian Jews and members of the Bahai faith, headquartered in Haifa, have been heavily involved in shaping Iran’s destiny in 20th century. Now, the president of the so-called NIAC, a CIA supported organization, is making another attempt to cover-up the unholy Alliance between the Mullahs of Iran, and Foreign Intelligence Services to reshape not only the Middle East but the whole Muslim World.The nurturing of the Treacherous Alliance between Mossad, CIA, British Intelligence and Mullahs of Iran has been going on for over half a century. It flowered in the infamous coup of 1953 against Mossadeq, in which all cooperated to bring down Democracy in Iran.It is amazing that now a subsidiary of the National Endowment for Democracy, is attempting to black mail its own “Mullahs”, by revealing a half truth about the Alliance in order to get concession from partners in crime against Iran. Unfortunately there is no mention of Kermit role in the 1953 coup and his relationship with Mullah Khomeini and Rafsanjani, who were groomed and eventually installed as the rulers of Iran.Despite all political gimmicks and Sideshows for International and Domestic propaganda, the Islamic Republic has put Iran under an undisputed control of multi national corporations, which are controlled by American and Israeli interests. Rafsanjani is the Godfather of Mushrooming Corporations of Mullahs who have siphoned Iran wealth exactly according to the Strategy of Free Market laid down by Reagan.During the Shah’s rein, despite all his shortcomings, there was a sense of historical nationalism and a sense that Iran would ultimately would defy the odds and would progress while keeping its identity, The treacherous alliance successfully drained Iran’s wealth, devalued its currency , made it dependant on foreign refined oil and transferred its asset abroad. All the barking of Ahmadi Nejad is to cover-up the facts that Iran’ s economy would collapse without the imported oil. Further, Mullahs Billion dollars of stolen assets in Canada, Australia, Dubai and elsewhere could be frozen in a heartbeat!Indeed, the story of Iran has been the undisputed financial alignment of Mullahs and the corporate America. The Monkey Dancing of AhmadiNejad in Columbia is a ridiculous side show to divert attention from the real exploitation of Iran by the Billionaire Mullah Rafsanjani who is extracting and exporting Iran’s wealth to Canada, Turkey, Dubai, Australia and Singapore just to name the few. Never before in the history of any country such has a transfer of wealth taken place for the benefit of the American, British and Israeli Government.Islamic Revolution is the lovechild of the treacherous marriage between Mossad, CIA and British intelligence. It has brought nothing but cultural and economic disaster for Iran and profit for the West and the Mullahs. It has divided Islam by the make belief theory that the Mullahs are anti-West and Islam is the antithesis of modernity. This manufactured Anti-West Islam must remain in the Front Page in order to encourage the billions of dollar of American money to be sent to Israel. Many more billions are wasted in the War in Iraq based on another fabricated “enemy” Al Qaeda, which like the Iranian Mullahs was created by the Western Intelligence services to justify their expansion of military power in order to control world resources.Washington had a chance after its easy ouster of Saddam Hussein to accept the stunning offer from the Iranian Mullahs to help them in Iraq, which was passed via the Swiss government and rejected it because it wanted to spend $500 billions on war as means to appropriate profits out of the war. The war was profitable for the businesses that got no bid contract from Bush. The U.S. government didn’t want to talk to Iran exactly because it wanted to continue the war as a Business. That is why the Bush administration didn’t want anyone to help Iran talk to America. Military Industrial complex needs Iran MullahsAnd Digital Bin Ladin to justify its existence.Four years have passed, and the administration’s Middle East policy is in ruins. Iraq has been divided into fighting gangs of sects and tribes. Hope of Democracy across the Middle East has turned to illusions. Israel and Iran are the undisputed winners of the continued conflict while America is going bankrupt! Iran and Israel’s chief enemies, Saddam Hussein, PLO and the Taliban, have been defeated, and Americans and Iranian proxies are in charge of the regime in Baghdad. Iran, and Israel are riding high, not the Cowboy from Texas . Iranian Deputy Oil Minister declared: Iraq couldn’t have turned out better for us. TREACHEROUS ALLIANCE refers to the strategic alliance of Israel and Iran from a boring and Naefve perspective of student trying to write a thesis and get hired as a Middle East analyst by the CIA. It is pathetic that the reality of Treacherous Alliance has been smeared by the irrelevance Graffiti of an American president of the CIA’s National Iranian Council. This Council is similar to the CIA’s infamous Chalabi’s Iraq National Congress! However, half of the book is an unrelated historical junk and the other half is a perfunctory remark that anybody could have found in the internet without buying this book. It is a deliberate attempt to mislead the public about the reality of the treacherous underlying factors which helped the Mullah’s take over of Iran under the misnomer banner of Islamic Revolution.The Treacherous Alliance is actually an attempt to cover-up the real strategic and financial alliance that gave birth to this aberration of Islam being branded, advertised and marketed as “Islamic Revolution”!Treacherous Alliance should refer to the underlying factors that caused the US and Israeli agents banded together and reinvented the Iranian subservient and conformist Mullahs, who were on Shah’s Payroll, to usurp power and market their rein of terror as the “Islamic Revolution”. At no point the book refers to the well publicized fact that General Robert Huyser went to Iran to make sure that not only Shah abdicates power but also the power is transferred to Israeli, British and pro-American Mullahs. Unlike the overthrow of the Iranian democratically elected Mossadeq, which was overthrown by the CIA, the Islamic rein of terror was deliberately and methodically manufactured by Mossad, the CIA and British intelligence Service with complete cooperation of a gutless Shah.Students of international relations and those who are concerned about the hidden facts about the Iranian regime must look in their own environment to see the Unholy Alliance between Christian Zionists, Islamic leaders of Iran, the uttering of Digital Ben Ladin in CIA Voice #38; Image Duplication Laboratories, Mossad. Then, they should compare them with economic realities and tremendous transfer of wealth from Iran to Canada, Australia and Dubai, and decide for themselves if the book like, Treacherous Alliance are not designed to cover-up the real relationship of Mullahs of Iran with Israel and the US.Nothing is more revealing than the unconditional support given to the “Division of Iraq Resolution (presented by the self-declared Zionist Senator Biden) by the head of the most feared terrorist organization, supported and financed by the Revolutionary Guards, Mullah Hakim. An old Zionist Mythology from Euphrates to Nile, a hidden declaration in Israeli Flag, is one step closer to reality thanks for the Treacherous Alliance of Mossad and Revolutionary Guards of Iran.Dig into the Foundations and Corporate entities which have brought wealth to your region behind any asset transfer from Iran and behind every highway or major project you might see an Iranian Mullah using an Israeli broker as a partner. This is why books like this are polished to blind the public from seeing the real world by discussing puppet shows in order to avncdae the continuation of the exploitation of the Iranian masses by Mullahs! Attacking Iran is a horrendous mistake when we can accomplish the regime change by cutting the flow of refined oil to Iran, freezing assets of more than 500 corporate entities which are custodians of Mullahs assets in the West. Rather than spending money on the war and terrorist Mujahedin against Iran, we should aggressively stop the life-blood of Mullahs the smugglers of Revolutionary Guards who are engaged in drug, alcohol, human, arm, and all sorts of counter bands trades in the Persian Gulf.West must remember that Iranians are materialist nationalists and not religious and their support for Mullahs would collapse when they cannot provide Gasoline to their people. Attacking Iran, under any guise would be a mistake!FARHAT QUAM MAQUAMI