Extremely Sorry Geoff Rowley Trailer

By: | Thursday, August 26, 2010 //


Watch it at the link below

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  • http://www.sektaskate.blogspot.com sektaskate

    killin’ a cougar IS SHIT FUCKERS!

  • larry

    fuck killin a cougar in a tree you pussies. that made me not even care about the rest of the video.

  • bricks

    shooting a cougar from that close after your dogs chase it into a tree is some lazy coward shit. Geoff went from vegan to cuddling up with trashy hunters overnight…stop trying so hard rowley, be yourself. no one thinks you’re dark and cool because you put some cruel bullshit in your part. when people see what a douchebag you are they may not worship your skateboarding so much anymore…i certainly don’t.