FREE LUNCH with David Reyes

By: | Wednesday, January 6, 2010 //

David talks Denver, Tupac, dick moves and more on this weeks Free Lunch.

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  • michelle & eddie : P

    Hi, im michelle and im here with my friend eddie ( hi). your video was pretty funny, to be honest i couldnt really concentrate on what you were saying because your face is so lovely. i was just wondering if we could go on a date sometime like maybe tommarow. (this is funny^.^)

  • Just michelle

    That was actually eddie

  • eddie

    BULLSHIT! thats all her, i didnt write shit man. i live to burn not live to fuckin blog *FART*

  • http://www.ilovedavidreyes4ever.yomomma Michelle

    ALL LIES! But. well, i would love to go on a date anyways David Reyes….