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  • Alchemy

    yep. you heard ’bout wake-rollerblading too. 2012! that next level.

    give me a break. At least they we’re backing Muska Beats!

  • Alchemy

    lol no offense Muska! jukeeed

  • Vernon Andrés Hughes

    Crazy evolution

  • bryan

    as much as there is to hate on this, my friend grant is in this and he grew up skateboarding. no hating necessary. they’re having fun right?

  • word

    I’m a skateboarder as well as having been wakeskating a couple times. Although compared to skateboarding a lot it’s pretty weak it’s still gnarly what they’re doing. Besides have you ever fallen hard on a wakeboard or wakeskate? It’s effing brutal. Knocked out cold. Besides where very rarely is a skateboarder doing tricks a 20 mph that’s the lowest speed a wakeskater rides at. And after all we skateboarders are technically rolling around on pieces of wood bolted to modified roller skates. And where skateboarders get sponsored and become somewhat well off and flaunt lame ass diamond rings and earrings most pro wakeskaters are actually suffering financially just so they can wakeskate full-time. I’d like to see any pro skateboarder take a pay cut just so they can ride full time.

  • word

    Plus like Bryan said about the Daniel kid. Most wakeskaters come from a skateboard background not wakeskate. And most pro wakeskaters fucking kill it on a skateboard. Just like this kid who is a pro wakeskater.

  • Morpheus

    Ok guys, but still lame…

  • benb

    haters gonna hate. They probably have never tried it, shit is hella fun and its pretty damn hard. bigflip over the pool gap? flats tre flip? hard not to say thats legit

  • Eventhorizon40

    This looked like a lot of fun and I’ve been skateboarding for 36 years. Skateboarding will always be the best, but I can’t put anyone down for for having fun. Just like skateboarding, I am sure wakeskating is harder than it looks. Nice video production quality too.