Koston Mic’d Up

By: | Tuesday, May 31, 2011 //

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  • Tho

    , I don?t think the Bengals have cgnahed based on the 4-2 start or the Carson trade. Change takes time. So I can see why people are hesitant to buy back in. Has to be more done to bridge the gap between fans and team. JT,I agree with you and appreciate that even though you have inside information that you do not throw players, coaches, or MB under the bus. I respect your insights in to the game and enjoy reading your blog and listening to your show.My point was probably to vent a little concerning the fans that continue to point to the 90 s (Bob A did that here as well). While, the comments are true about the overall record, things really have cgnahed a lot since Marvin came in. They have won more games, the locker room attitude cgnahed temporarily but they were not mature enough (players, coaches, ownership) to handle even minimal success like a division championship. JT, you could probably speak to that much more than our perspective as fans. I suppose that it is my hope that the recent changes (drafts, locker room chemistry, marvin actually talking some football in the press conferences and not just coach speak, the new cba benefiting the bengals, 4-2 is nice though a weak schedule) are signs that may eventually point to the Bengals making another step in the maturation process. I don’t expect playoffs this year, but when we as fans do crticize, we should do so in light of progress made and what needs to continue to make the organization a championship caliber franchise. In other words, criticize the present problems (show some love for Bengal fans MB!), not the past problems that are no longer issues (Akili Smith). Don’t settle for less than a championship, but allow yourself to appreciate any changes in that direction.