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MO’ MONDAY’S – Chance to win a team package every Monday at

This weeks installment is ADDIE FRIDY

All you have to do is watch the video…answer three questions and you are automatically entered into Monday’s drawing to win Addie’s team package.

Wheels, Bushings, Bearings, T-shirts…and more​blog/​category/​giveaway/​

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  • Rafaela

    I TOTALLY agree with psiotion that shareholders do not have control, and must be given more control of their corportations, and that battles for corporate control, if controlled for greenmail problems, is a worthy pursuit.That is why I am puzzled, though, on a psiotion that overrules precedent and gives corporations the right to directly campaign for candidates and do unlimited funding under the guise of corporate free speech.Was reading Brad de Long’s post today of another article, and here is something to consider on the issue of corporate shareholder control and last weeks SCOTUS decision:?When corporations use other people?s money to electioneer,? as Kagan explained, ?that is a harm not just to the shareholders themselves but a sort of a broader harm to the public,? because it distorts the political process to inject large sums of individuals? money in support of candidates whom they may well oppose. ?Roberts sharply challenged this line of argument. ?Isn?t it extraordinarily paternalistic,? he asked, ?for the government to take the psiotion that shareholders are too stupid to keep track of what their corporations are doing and can?t sell their shares or object in the corporate context if they don?t like it? ? ? ?We the government have to protect you naive shareholders.? ?