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The Dango is Dead Premier at Tampa Am No Image

The Dango is Dead Premier at Tampa Am

10.30.2009 //

This is the trailer for the new westside skateshop video! It will be in the box set out winter 2009 THE DANGO IS DEAD TRAILER from westside skateshop on Vimeo.

Skeletons Go West No Image

Skeletons Go West

12.30.2009 //

This was a road trip with 7 dirts, one van, from Tampa Florida to San Francisco CA. They drove over 3000 miles in 10 days and this is what they got! Most of this footy was used in a few video and a lot has never been seen before!



02.24.2010 //

Trick tip time.

Joey Warms Up for Manny Mania No Image

Joey Warms Up for Manny Mania

08.17.2010 //

with Ray Maldonado. Zey have ze wings

IPath East Coast Nugz No Image

IPath East Coast Nugz

08.31.2010 //

Some leftover goodies from Ipath’s East Coast jaunt


AMMO Facetime Javier Series Commercial

07.11.2011 //

Nunez gets a clip in this AMMO commercial. You know you want to check it.

DGK No Image


08.25.2009 //

You know the Dirty Ghetto Kids were going to throw down in Cashville, TN. Stevie, Marcus, Keelan, and Dom John all broke down Sixth Ave Park earlier this month, and signed away at Phatkaps too. Were you there?

Ben Gore Welcomed to Dekline No Image

Ben Gore Welcomed to Dekline

05.24.2010 //

Dekline’s got a video up welcoming Ben Gore to the team. He rips, so watch it turkeys.

Lifeblood Promo No Image

Lifeblood Promo

09.23.2010 //

Promo for the new board brand being headed by Bryce Kanights. Looking good.

New Spike Jonze Short No Image

New Spike Jonze Short

03.23.2010 //

Watch “I’me Here” online now

Chad Bartie at PQ No Image

Chad Bartie at PQ

03.23.2010 //

Chad throwing down some manly lines at the PQ park courtesy of Osiris.

JR on SkateTalk No Image

JR on SkateTalk

05.24.2010 //

Jereme Roger’s will be on Skate Talk tomorrow to talk about his new board company and bring the WTFs.

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