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Westgate Epicly Later’d Part 3

05.25.2011 //

Delve into his Stay Gold part, SF destruction, and not givin a fuck

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Adventures with Chris: Pfanner Episode 4

08.03.2011 //

The Chris’ visit a U.S. Military base and skate a replica Iraqi town. Photos of this session were in our Aug/Sept issue out now.

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Tommy Guerrero Going Down Hill For 20 Years

08.30.2011 //

The first video I ever saw was Future Primitive and Tommy Guerrero had the first part. I’d seen a few skate magazines by that time but seeing actual video of Tommy skating down the hills in SF and popping big ollies was mind blowing. Tommy was instantly etched in my skate memory and I still think about that feeling I got watching that first video and watching Tommy make street skating look so fun. Check out this video of Tommy talking about what made him the skater he is.

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X-Games Real Street Final 8

07.05.2011 //

Round two in the voting starts today, so go click away and pick your favorites.

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Its totally roping on the lake brah!

09.19.2011 //

Please shit on this…I know you are going to. It’s super hard and all and it’s filmed really well…but shit away!!!

Hate Hate Hate!!!

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Mini Mondays with Anthony Schultz

02.28.2011 //

Theeve’s got a new series called Mini-Mondays with their riders shredding their ramp. Anthony tears it up for today’s.

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Stay Gold B-Sides: Braydon Szafranski

04.15.2011 //

Check out Braydon’s extra gems.

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Free Lunch with Nieratko

02.10.2011 //

Jersey’s finest sits down for a chat with Shred or Die about fucking you harder, Big Brother, interview gems, and other stuff in this Free Lunch

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Route 44 Video Trailer

02.17.2011 //

New video coming soon featuring Brandon Perelson, David Cobb, Tom Remillard, Ben Skrzypek, Ruben Barrack, Div Adams, Connor Getzlaff, Bario Mike, Asa Crow, Jeff Ward.

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Feel Free Video Parts Online

03.30.2011 //

Mark Gutterman, Nate Broussard, Gantry Hill, and Garrett Hill’s parts from Feel Free are all available for your viewing pleasure.


Heath’s Cross-Country Bicycle Ride

09.27.2010 //

Heath ripped the engine off his bike and is pedaling across the nation with some friends. G Hunt’s got all the info you need.

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Chad Fernandez SkateStache Part

03.11.2011 //

Chad Fernandez might be just outside the limelight, but he’s still laying it down. Check out this part.

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