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Keenan Forever

09.06.2011 //

In honor of the 10 year passing of Keenan, teamed up wih artist Sean Cliver to bring you a limited run of shirts featuring Keenan’s first graphic on bLind from 1994

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Cliché Keystone Video With Lucas Puig

09.01.2011 //

Cliché Keystone Video With Lucas Puig filmed and edited by the multi-talented Joey Brezinski. Lucas whips around Stoner Plaza and test out his new keystone Cliché deck and pops the shit out of it.

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Osiris Commercial Featuring Corey Duffel

09.01.2011 //

Check out this Osiris Commercial Featuring Corey Duffel and PLG that’s shot all nice and pretty.


IPath Presents Matt Rodriguez

09.01.2011 //

Ipath Films presents Matt Rodriguez: Sole Rebel. A short film celebrating Ipath original Matt Rodriguez, one of the most respected and sickest skaters of all time.


Raiders of the Archives: Skatelab Part 2 of 3

08.31.2011 //

Raiders of the Archives: Skatelab Part 2 of 3 with Todd Huber the owner of the skatepark and museum. Todd’s collection of skate memorabilia is second to none. His treasure trove of skate goodies is so big that he can’t fit it all into the museum and most has to be stored in the basement and never gets seen until now.

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Tommy Guerrero Going Down Hill For 20 Years

08.30.2011 //

The first video I ever saw was Future Primitive and Tommy Guerrero had the first part. I’d seen a few skate magazines by that time but seeing actual video of Tommy skating down the hills in SF and popping big ollies was mind blowing. Tommy was instantly etched in my skate memory and I still think about that feeling I got watching that first video and watching Tommy make street skating look so fun. Check out this video of Tommy talking about what made him the skater he is.

Screen shot 2011-08-30 at 9.52.08 AM

Real Skateboards Known Associate Alex Midler Video

08.30.2011 //

Real Skateboards known associate Alex Midler is a street ripper at only 12 years old. Alex is an upstanding little man. He’s come out and supported both of our Make-A-WIsh events and even did his own roll-a-thon for the Johnnykickscancer foundation. We’re stoked to see him killing it on and off the board. Go Alex!

Screen shot 2011-08-29 at 10.10.22 AM

Bones’ Mo Mondays Video

08.29.2011 //

Bones’ Mo Monday video for this week featuring Aldrin Garcia, Derek Elmendorf, Brad McClain and Josh Hawkins cruising in San Francisco.

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Stereo Welcomes Tommy Fynn To The Team Video

08.29.2011 //

Stereo welcomes New Zealand ripper Tommy Fynn to the team. Tommy’s been ripping the underground for years now so it’s good to see him find a U.S. home at a sick company.

Screen shot 2011-08-26 at 4.34.57 PM

Behind The Scenes Of The Osiris Shoes Commercial

08.26.2011 //

Osiris shoes has a big production commercial premiering on September 1. Check out this quick little teaser featuring Corey Duffel and PLG to see what the hype is all about.


Raiders of the Archives: Skatelab Part 1 of 3

08.26.2011 //

Raiders of the Archives: Part 1 of 3 with Todd Huber owner of Skatelab skatepark and museum in Simi Valley, CA. Todd’s got the most amazing skateboard collection in the world so we went out and got a peek at just the tip of the iceberg. Check out what’s hidden in the basement and doesn’t even get displayed in the museum.

Screen shot 2011-08-25 at 11.44.09 AM

Ryan Decenzo Vs Hollywood High 16

08.25.2011 //

Ryan Decenzo versus the Hollywood High 16 fence. Only a few people have tried taking the fence route at the infamous set, but Ryan decided to give it a try.

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