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Fourstar Welcome Ishod Wair Video

08.24.2011 //

It’s been a few days since this news came out but damn, Ishod is so sick. Look at his trucks on this 50-50 in the thumbnail. That’s some serious grindage right there. Good move Fourstar.


Redbull Manny Mania Pro Contest Video

08.22.2011 //

Check out our video from Sunday’s Redbull Manny Mania Pro contest in New York City. Joey Brezinski kicked ass and took names all day and you’ll see the proof in the video. David Gonzales, Ronnie Creager, Dennis Busenitz, Eli Reed and more show off some sweet manuevers as well.


Redbull Manny Mania World Am Final In New York

08.22.2011 //

Redbull Manny Mania World Am Finals In New York City

podium l to r - 2nd Italy, 1st Netherlands, 3rd Denmark_manny_mirjageh,com_157

Redbull’s Manny Mania World Am Contest

08.21.2011 //

Redbull’s Manny Mania World Am Contest winner is Blind’s Sewa Kroetkov who absolutely crushed it Saturday afternoon under the Manhattan bridge in New York City.

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LIfe Splicing No. 004: Nick Boserio

08.21.2011 //

Thank God. In the age of robots and boring ass contest skating, Nick Boserio’s new Life Splicing No. 004 part is sketchy and raw as fuck. Just the way we like it.


Raiders of the Archives: Lance Dawes Part 5 of 5

08.14.2011 //

Former Slap editor and photographer, Lance Dawes concludes his Raiders of the Archives by digging up some classic ’80s decks and more.

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Shore Break Baby: SF Top To Bottom

08.11.2011 //

Frank Gerwer and Julien Stranger whip around the streets of San Francisco in this Vans Off The Wall production of the Shore Break Baby series. These shows are some of the sickest little videos on the internet right now featuring the Antihero team with Andrew Allen coming up in the next episode.

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Brezinski Makes Burrito Pizza’s At Salman Agah’s Pizzanista

08.11.2011 //

Cliché and Redbull’s Joey Brezinski is So Rad that he went down to Pizzanista and made his own Burrito pizza. So if you’re ever in the LA downtown area, make sure to check out Salman Agah’s Pizzanista and grab a slice from a legendary street skater and all round awesome guy. I don’t think you’ll be able to make your own but it won’t hurt to ask.


Raiders of the Archives: Lance Dawes Part 4 of 5

08.09.2011 //

Lance Dawes continues digging through old photographs and finds some great shots of young Sheckler, Bam, Dollin and more.

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Aaron “Jaws” Homoki Happy Medium 2 Part

08.09.2011 //

Tony Hawk’s newest pro Birdhouse teammate, Aaron “Jaws” Homoki, comes out swinging with his first pro part in Happy Medium 2. This kid has taken the gnar meter up a notch or two. From doing some of the biggest rails and gaps to doing some of the sickest lines at the skateparks (and out of them.) Watch this part and be prepared to have your eyes pop out.

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Congratulations, its a Manwolf…

08.08.2011 //

Kick to Kill by Corey Adams & Alex Craig

Screen shot 2011-08-08 at 10.21.12 AM

Bone’s Mo Mondays

08.08.2011 //

This week’s all about the Get On Board Foundation and tons of ripping from the Bones team. Moose, Decenzo, Hoffart and more.

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