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Jordan Lucas Gets Hyped

05.19.2011 //

ATL’s Jordan Lucas won Hype Skateboards’ Get Hyped monthly contest where you send your footage in to be featured, win product, and possibly get flowed by the company.

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Stacks Introduces Barry Mansfield

05.19.2011 //

A video introduction to Stacks’ new rider, Barry Mansfield

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Familia Promo

05.19.2011 //

Our friends at Familia Skateboards in London have a nice little 8 minute promo for you to check out.

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Epicly Westgate Part Dieux

05.19.2011 //

Brandon and O’Dell are back with another installment of the Westgate series which delves into forced motorboatin’ and leaving 5Boro

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Flip’s Battle Bowl Video Clip

05.19.2011 //

Rowley, Saari and Ben Nordberg venture out to the legendary Battle Bowl for a session.

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Etnies Skate for a Cause Video Recap

05.18.2011 //

Video recap from this past weekend’s event featuring Rob Dyrdek, Cab, Sheckler, Mikey Taylor, Chris Cole, Pat Duffy, Chad Bartie and more.

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Stone Age Clip of the Week

05.18.2011 //

Filipe Ortiz gets to work.

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Jart Welcomes Nick Fiorini

05.18.2011 //

and has a pretty hefty welcome video for the addition

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Lizard King’s SFK Bike Build

05.18.2011 //

SFK built Lizard King a motorcycle. IF you’re into that kind of riding at all, give this video a view.


Grosso’s Pool Party Edition of Love Letters to Skateboarding

05.18.2011 //

The Pipeline skatepark in Upland, California produced its share of legends. Steve Alba and the Combi pool are two of the most famous. In this first loveletter to the Badlands, Grosso meets up with “Screaming Lord Salba” and gets the history of the park direct from the source.

Screen shot 2011-05-18 at 9.47.19 AM

Insight’s Desert Crawl Tour Part 1 Video

05.18.2011 //

Jamie Thomas, Daniel Lutheran and Daniel Shimizu travel through the southwest.


Wonder Woman pushes mongo!

05.17.2011 //

Oh Wonder Woman….you’re so radical!

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