Pardon The Interruption CLIP OF THE WEEK #118

By: | Wednesday, October 21, 2009 //

Who doesn’t love the obnoxious little skaterats at the park. You know the type, dropping profanities like they’re veteran sailors and sitting on the ledges. They have plenty of them in Reno. Check them and a few locals out in this little park montage .

CLIP OF THE WEEK #118 – Pardon The Interruption Featuring Gabe Saxon, aka Chode, and George Vargas. This tandom smashes everything in no time, just watch as they absolutely dismantle Burgess Skatepark in Sparks, NV with ease! Also, bear witness to he younglings of Brugess, BTK (Burgess Turd Kids – This is no joke, parental control)
“Youtube loves the Vargas”
Shot & Edit By: Chase McMullen

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