Raw Gilbert and Jake Footage

By: | Monday, October 17, 2011 //

A few recent clips from Jake Johnson and Gilbert Crockett leaked onto the interweb.

A few recent clips from Alien Workshop’s Jake Johnson and Gilbert Crockett leaked onto the interweb. You might be seeing a bit of these two in our next issue. And by might, I mean you will.

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  • Cristiane

    JT,Speaking of Brown birngidg the gap between team and fans, one of the interesting points I remember from the off-season was ESPN’s characterization of the Bengals as the worst franchise in pro sports. While I obviously disagree with that sentiment, some of the criteria used (particularly ticket price and promotions) seem to indicate the club could be doing more to endear themselves to the fans.I realize we are a small market team who had been selling out the stadium consistently until last season, but should the Bengals do more to fill the seats? Obviously lowering ticket prices on the cheap seats would help (no one wants to pay $70 to sit in the nosebleeds when its only $20 more for the lower bowl), but are there other promotional options? What do other teams around the league do? For example, the Reds do a series of bobblehead giveaways, military discounts/giveaways, student nights, Friday night fireworks, etc.I live in North Carolina so going to games isn’t exactly something I can do more than once or twice a year, but it kills me to see all those empty seats with such a promising young team having a good season!