Slave St. Jah Patricks Day

By: | Monday, March 28, 2011 //

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  • ajofeiaeo;i

    were the cops there cuz they were smoking weed or somethin? lol and these are amazing parks.

  • Deepak

    j08 / Wella0written Article Bit sad that it’s giving us Kiwi’s in Kalgoorlie a bad name @7aa2c26c8dc58b506ac929bbc09734a0:disqusa0i agree.. Kalgoorlie may have some pepole that act like ass’s but not all of us do i’ve lived here 6 years and never had any problems I love this little town i live it:)@ea6526041bb7d71abf261279f9f20da0:disqusa0i can’t unlike it either for some reason.. could be cause i’m using facebook i phone app but not sure