Tom Asta’s Color Theory Part

By: | Tuesday, March 8, 2011 //

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  • Gerlof

    Actually I must object there are LOTS of cops in the Mission, and just like the popalur myth, they are undercover. There are the obvious Jocks with Tattoos cops, but there are much more clever officers out especially when there is a sweep going on pushing shopping carts, driving Child Molester vans, riding unmarked bikes (horrors), etc. This is all stuff I’ve seen recently, as a bust erupts right by me by undercovers first backed up by the boys in the blue Crown Vic and finally the B&Ws. They are watching more than you think, but often you are not that interesting drinking your beer, smoking your blunt, catchin your tag roll of the dice whether they take you down. There are also beat cops in uniform at 3am that’s really disturbing.