Tom Remillard Gets Shuffl'd

By: | Tuesday, November 9, 2010 //

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  • Sandhiya

    Therese, you nailed it xeactly : Victory Churches International kind of reminds me of a pyramid scheme in that the e2€˜producte2€™ and the e2€˜customere2€™ are beside the point, and the main thing that matters is the number of e2€˜marketing cellse2€™. Ite2€™s all about quantity, and quality just doesne2€™t even enter the picture. If only the people knew how they were being used. They taught us their methods once we were part of it for long enough. There is in fact a program that all elders take that teaches you how to manipulate people into becoming members. Thinking back, it’s just plain scary. They used those methods on me, and then taught me to use them on others. I remember how friendly everyone was when we first started. They’d ask us out to dinner, take us out for coffee, give us big smiles and greetings when we came into the church. All of the sudden the friendliness ended, and now we were expected to have responsibility. Research shows that if somebody in a church has no responsibility in a church, they are more likely to leave. Once we became elders, we were taught to be super friendly with people, big smiles, take them out for coffee etc. for the first three months. After that, we were no longer to treat them like new people, but to try and give them responsibility and no longer treat them special. So, if you feel like being treated like royalty, go to a Victory church and pretend you are looking for a new church home. Just make sure you stop before the three months is up.